Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Context Gets Lost in the Twittersphere

October 25, 2009

By Jennifer O’Connell

Did you hear the one about the Jewish ladies?

What? No, that’s it.

There’s no punchline, other than to sit back and wait for the barrage of outraged letters to the editor, the Twitterstorm, the invitations to appear on radio shows to defend my position, and the revocation of my invitation to sing live at Yankee Stadium in New York. (Okay, I made that last bit up.)

These days, you see, it is an awful lot easier to be an anti-Semite. Once upon a time, you had to found a political party, join the Ku Klux Klan, deny the Holocaust, or at least say something controversial about the Israeli state.

Now, all it takes is the careless use of the word ‘Jewish’.

Just ask Ronan Tynan, the beleaguered former Irish Tenor, whose career was in tatters last week, after he was found guilty in the court of public opinion of willfully using the word ‘Jewish’ as an adjective.

The incident itself is rather too boring to recount in full, but it involved the efforts by an estate agent to let an apartment in Tynan’s building. The first people to see it were two Jewish ladies who were, the agent warned the singer, “very particular”.

A couple of days later, a different agent arrived to show some other prospective tenants, and jokingly warned Tynan, who is famous for his performances of God Bless America at the Yankee Stadium, that they were Boston Red Sox fans.

Tynan says he replied: “At least they’re not the Jewish ladies.”

And – bam – that was it. One minute you’re every American President’s favourite crooner, the next you’re about as welcome in polite circles as Tommy Tiernan in a Nazi suit.

Tiernan is another one who failed to do much for Irish-Israeli relations last week, after his planned Canadian tour was cancelled in the aftermath of his ‘anti-Semitic’ rant at the Electric Picnic.

I think it’s time we got some perspective on all of this.

Tiernan’s comments didn’t come across as particularly edifying in print. Then again, they weren’t ever designed to be transcribed in print. As a joke, I thought it was tasteless, crass and pretty unfunny. (“F**kin’ six million? I would have got 10 or 12 million out of that. No f**kin’ problem!”)

But that’s not the same thing as saying it was anti-Semitic. And it’s certainly not the same thing as saying he is anti-Semitic.

Taken out of context, it certainly looked that way – as, at a push, does Ronan Tynan’s offhand remark. But listen to the entire podcast of Tiernan’s interview with Hot Press, and it’s clear this was precisely his point.

If you take even the most harmless comment out of context, it can become grievously offensive; likewise, as Tiernan lamentably attempted to demonstrate, even the most bilious and repulsive diatribe can, in the right context – comedy - be funny.

The problem for public figures like Tiernan and Tynan is that, with the advent of Facebook, blogs and especially Twitter, with its ability to disseminate news in speed-of-sound, 140-character bites, it’s now practically impossible to be taken in context.

Once upon a time, there were PR people, editors, sub-editors and in-house lawyers, between public figures and their public utterances; now there’s just you and the ‘send’ key.

Often, this is an unequivocally good thing.

Last week, for instance, Twitter users took full credit for the successful overturning of an injunction against the Guardian newspaper, which prevented it from reporting on a parliamentary question about the oil company Trafigura, and accusations of illegal dumping.

The oil company had employed a little-used special injunction against the newspaper, so that the Guardian couldn’t even say what it was being prevented from reporting.

But word got out almost immediately in the Twitterverse, and for an entire morning, the words ‘Trafigura’ and ‘Carter-Ruck’, the law firm involved, were the most talked-about subjects on the microblogging site. It was like Erin Brokovich all over again, only this time, we were all tossing our hair like Julia Roberts and taking on the big guys.

By lunchtime, Trafigura and Carter-Ruck had dropped their case.

Nobody could argue but that was a significant triumph for freedom of speech and the power of the people. But here’s the thing.

Freedom of speech can’t just be okay as long as we’re all on the same side.

A couple of days later, the same Twittersphere was calling for the summary execution of Jan Moir, a columnist with the Daily Mail newspaper, who wrote a piece questioning the coroner’s verdict that Stephen Gately had died of natural causes.

It was, by any standards, a squalid little piece of journalism – not least because it appeared the day before his funeral. Moir wrote: “The circumstances surrounding his death are more than a little sleazy. Cowles and Gately took a young Bulgarian man back to their apartment. It is not disrespectful to assume that a game of canasta . . . was not what was on the cards."

But was it homophobic? Arguably – though it seemed to me it was disapproving of Gately on many levels, just one of which was because he was gay. Was it an incitement to hatred? I don’t believe so.

Was it deserving of the record level of complaints levied to the British Press Complaints Commission? Almost certainly not – and had it not been for Twitter, it’s likely that it would have ended life where it started: an unimportant rant by a rightwing, moralizing whinger in the British edition of a newspaper whose readers tend to enjoy that sort of thing.

And to be fair to Moir, her article did raise the question of why the media were being so uniformly silent on the fact that a young man had died of excessive alcohol consumption.

We’ve reached an interesting impasse. We want celebrities, commentators and news organisations to speak to us directly– we love the immediacy and the chance to respond the internet gives us. But we have to be fair to them too. As compelling as the 140 character status update is, it’s rarely the whole story.

Stephen Fry, whose name has become a virtual shorthand for this new way of communicating, wrote a thoughtful blog post last week, in which he admitted how nervous his newfound social commentator status makes him.

“Maybe the very fact that I have so many followers now disqualifies me from stating the sort of opinions all others are free to – as if I were a member of the royal family. Lord, what a thought.”

What a waste of all this fantastic democratisation of comment and freedom of speech if everyone worth hearing ends up too nervous to avail of them.


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